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ESPN NCAA College Sports

Director: Luciana Jordão and Leonardo Fleuri
Art Director and 2D Lead: Paulo Visgueiro
Executive Producer: Luciana Jordão
Producer: Laura Costa
Concept Art and Storyboard: Paulo Visgueiro, Artur Rocha, Renato Sideris
3D Artist: Leonardo Fleuri, Gabriel Cruz, Guilherme Maia, Marcio Bukowski, Yago Dias
3D Animation: Yuri Lementy, Marsiel Sylvestre, Marcio Bukowski, Mendel Reis, Hannry Pschera, Jonathan Edward, Emerson Manfrin
2D Animation: Paulo Visgueiro, Felippe Steffens Motion
End Panel: Phillip Moraes
Rigging: Wesley Schneider, Leonardo Fleuri
Compositing: Leonardo Fleuri

Client: ESPN NY
Creative Senior Manager: Tomas Casabal
Producer: Michael E. Smith

Koi Factory was invited by ESPN NY to design a campaign and toolkit to promote a variety of NCAA College sports across all platforms. The goal was to engage with young viewers through clever, versatile animated executions that capture the feeling of Campus Life at a big-time sports College. So Koi team created the concept that the college athletes would get their power and strength from their primal animal instinct. The result is nine cool 3D/2D Animated films.