Koi Factory was created in 2012 by Luciana Jordao and Paulo Visgueiro with the dream of becoming a cutting edge 2D and 3D Animation studio driven by a talented and seasoned team of artists with unique capabilities of Concept Art, Character/Scenery Design, 2D/3D illustration, Motion Graphics, Animation, Post Production, Digital Design and Development for Web, Apps and Games. The dream became reality quite quickly for Koi and, in its first years of existence, the company was selected by some of the most respected companies in Brazil and abroad to produce a number of distinguished productions. In a few words, Koi is a cost effective one stop shop for solving amazing Broadcast, Print and Interactive work. In 2016, Koi added the 3D Lead and incredible artist Leonardo Fleuri as a partner. Also in the same year, Luciana Jordao moved to New York to open Koi Factory in the US.

Koi is a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement. According to a Japanese legend, if a koi succeeded in climbing the falls on the Yellow River, it would be transformed into a dragon. The Japanese associate koi with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose. Because of its strength and determination to overcome obstacles, it stands for courage and the ability to attain high goals.

Luciana Jordão

Founder, Executive Creative Director
Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising from PUC University (1993-1997) and Post-graduate in Computer Science, Advanced Study in Information System Technologies and Programming Languages (1997-1998). Creative director career of over 22 years, directing cutting edge work for the advertising, computer gaming and motion picture industries in Brazil, Europe and the USA. Entrepreneurial and business experience, co-founded two renowned computer graphics companies Seagulls Fly (1998-2012, with offices in Rio, SP and LA) and Koi Factory (2012-present with offices in Rio and NY). Director and Executive Producer, with a body of work that includes: Opening Titles, Cinematics, Interactive Campaigns, On air for tv and Animated advertising spots for clients such as Google, Blizzard, Coca-Cola, King, Visa, Havaianas, Melissa, Discovery Channel, MTV, Sprint, Chevy, ESPN, BBDO, Globosat, Globo, among others.

Paulo Visgueiro

Founder, Creative Director
After majoring in Graphic Design with emphasis in Illustration in Rio de Janeiro, Paulo started working in the company MultiRio focused on the production of animated series. So part of his earlier work involved art direction of the animated short film “Matinta Pereira” (2005); Scenery painting and assistant art direction in “O Boto” (2004); Scenery painting for “O Curupira” (2003), all from the same classic brazilian franchise “Juro que Vi”. In 2005 Paulo joined Seagulls Fly as a concept artist and soon became head of the Concept Art department, a very important area where all Seagulls’ creative projects were born. After a few years his unique artistic talent, leadership skills and work ethics quickly led him to become the 5th partner in the company. In November 2012, Paulo founded Koi Factory with Luciana Jordão.

Leonardo Fleuri

Partner, Creative Director
Leonardo majored in Graphic Design and after graduating in 2003 specialized as a 3D Artist, animator and motion designer, working in the TV and Movie industries. He worked at Conspiracao Filmes, one of the biggest production companies in Brazil, for 6 years and in 2014 was invited to join Koi Factory and lead the 3D and VFX department. Leonardo has solid knowledge and experience in different areas of the computer graphics industry and in production process. As a 3D generalist and compositor, he coordinates Koi’s 3D projects with flying colors, having great insight in every aspect of each project, including an extremely sharp production knowledge.

Animation and Motion

2D Animation
3D Animation
Motion Design
Post Production & Effects
Openning Titles

Illustration and Concept

2D / 3D illustration
Characters Design
Matte painting


Mobile App
Web Development
Web Design
Social Media