Koi Factory was invited by Stink Digital to be part of the launch of an animated web video to help announce the partnership between ZYNC Render and Google Cloud Platform. The video created by Stink is about the different benefits of the product. On the final shot the main character presses a “Zync” button and magically changes textures and scenes. And Koi created a still image to feature a render result of the character. We received the character modeled and rigged and we were free to create the concept and layout of the scene and also the pose with our own textures and shaders of the characters.
We were also featured in the site Character Gallery and you can checkout the video that our image is part of here:

Google Cloud Platform – RENDER MORE


3D Illustration | Character | Google

Cliente: Google

Agência: Stink Digital

Direção Criativa: Luciana Jordão

3D: Fernando Brandi, Victor Mendonça, Nelson Teixeira

Concept, Foto Background  and Composição: Luciana Jordão